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Thank you for your overwhelming interest in our upcoming convention for entrepreneurs. Your enthusiasm and support mean the world to us, and we are truly honored to have you join us on this journey to Retreat. Reset. Restart.

Your contribution went above and beyond financial support; it served as a cornerstone of our convention, enabling us to provide valuable resources, networking opportunities, and inspiration to aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs alike. Your belief in our vision and dedication to our cause truly made a difference, and we are immensely grateful for your partnership.

As we prepare for the convention, we are filled with excitement and anticipation for the valuable discussions, insights, and opportunities that lie ahead. Together, we will create an environment where innovation thrives, ideas flourish, and connections are forged that will last a lifetime.

Once again, thank you for your unwavering support and enthusiasm. We look forward to welcoming you to our convention and sharing this transformative experience with you.


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Convention starts in:

We look forward to seeing you there!

Mario C. Bauer

Entrepreneur, Mentor, Co-Host

Florian Schneider

Entrepreneur, Mentor, Co-Host

Eli Buren

Mentor, Coach

Christian Wingrove-Rogers

Mentor, Coach


Day 0: 7th September 2024

  • Check-in & rest upon your arrival
  • 16:00 - 19:00 Welcome session
  • Introductions and why are we here
  • Establish Rules of Engagement
  • Keynote Speech by a renowned Entrepreneur
  • Group building (6 participants per group)
  • 19:00 Dinner within your new group to get to know each other and start building trust.
  • Wind down session: We have a renowned storyteller with us who will recapture every days learnings and rebrief them within a wise story with learnings for all of us to think about as we fall asleep later in our bed.
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"You'll discover lasting pathways, regain self-confidence, and find the inner peace needed to overcome doubts and propel your company forward with conviction."


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"Any conversation with Mario is high energy, high insight, high positivity. He is genuinely committed to the growth of others, going out of his way to mentor those around him and provide hands-on support through his super-connector-network."

Jan Wilmking

Investor and Advisor

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"Working with Mario has been inspiring. He's turned big ideas into reality, from expanding Vapiano globally to starting his own consultancy with big-name clients. What sets Mario apart is not just his knack for business but his heart. Growing up in his family's restaurant, he learned early on that success is about bringing people together over what matters most: love and good food."

Benjamin Calleja

Founder & CXO at Livit Design
Serial Entrepreneur

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"As someone who has been there and done it himself, Mario's insights on accelerating business growth are truly invaluable. He brings a really fresh perspective to problems, and encourages ambitious and outside the box thinking."

Ella Harland

Co-Founder and Co-CEO GRIDDLE | B Corp™

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"Mario is always happy to help & support. His network & knowledge in the F&B industry is outstanding and he has a good feeling for upcoming trends and concepts. Don’t hesitate to use Mario as a sounding board for new innovative ideas & projects, chances are his visionary entrepreneurial mind will add value!"

Christophe Cuvillier

Chairman of the Board of Directors of SMCP

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"Where to start - Mario has been incredibly influential for both us and our organization – it's difficult to put this into words. From the moment he first stepped into our restaurant, he has been instrumental in our growth, both locally in Amsterdam and with our seafood concept, Pesca. Thanks to him, we are now prepared to expand internationally, having connected with the right individuals who are aiding us in this endeavor."

Sven Sallaerts

Co-Founder, Younique Concepts

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"Mario is great! He knows EVERYONE in the sector and his insight and experience is invaluable. I trust his instincts and guidance to a very high degree."

Harry Goss

Partner, Foodservice lead, McWin

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"In 2015, when I first arrived in Luxembourg, I met Mario. Back then, I thought I'd be a housewife. But after working with Mario for 10 years, I became the CEO of the company we started together, which was his most challenging project. So, would I recommend Mario? Well, let's just say, from thinking about being a housewife to becoming a CEO, meeting Mario changed everything for me. Thank you Mario for everything! One day I will be to someone what you were for me. ♥️"

Jaqueline Bressan

Managing Director, Curtice Brothers

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"Mario is a serial entrepreneur, and a serial life lover ! He is a real expert or should I say specialist in all the phases of creating and running and funding a company… a passionate man of the food industry from management to board level, and his experience is broader than food. He is the one I would consult when creating or when scaling my company … on top of all that, he is also such a wonderful person to have by our side and this makes it a great “partner”!"

Christopher Jones

Directeur Général, Brioche Dorée

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"It is always very pleasant to collaborate with Mario, both on a professional and personal level. Mario's excellent expertise, experience and broad network in the food industry are extremely helpful and valuable for us as a Startup. It is also fun to discuss and philosophize with Mario as he is truly an open, skilled and positive person."

Adrian Stryer

Co-Founder, MyFrozen

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"I know Mario since probably a decade but, in 2018, I had the great chance of creating WhiteSpace Partners with him and G. Rochette. Since that time, Mario has always been a truly outstanding business partner, not only providing our team with his exceptional and global understanding of the restaurant industry, but also being a very efficient business developer and dealmaker through his network of contacts, which is second to none in the industry. On top of that, I would like to emphasise the high level of trust Mario deserves, given his always positive and ethical mindset. It is a true chance to be working together, and I am looking forward to our continued partnership!"

Vincent Mourre

CEO and Co-Founder, WhiteSpace Partners

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"It has always been great pleasure working together with Mario. Following his "Love & Food" approach, he has become not only a colleague, but a friend. We benefitted so much from his broad network in the hospitality business, his entrepreneurial spirit and his ability to nail complex topics down to the point. I can only recommend working together with Mario. Let yourself inspire by him!"

Pascal Remmert

Head of Vanilla Centre of Excellence, Dr Oetker

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"Mario is an incredibly warm, open and helpful person. His experience in the hospitality and food sector is extremely broad and he is always ready to open up his own network, connect people and create added value. Thank you Mario! :-)"

Rebecca Göckel

Founder & CEO, NOMOO icecream

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"5 years ago, I opened Gazzo - A sourdough pizza restaurant in Berlin. Mario has been acting as a mentor and consultant for me during this period, giving advice on business strategy, corporate governance and entrepreneurship. This advice has been invaluable to our success, and I am very grateful to Mario. Mario is one of the most connected and knowledgeable people in the food business in Europe. He has done his hands-on work in the field as an entrepreneur and an executive, allowing him to consult with a deep understanding ranging from operations to strategy. And most importantly, he is extremely passionate about food - something that is essential in an industry that relies on creating experiences. I can wholeheartedly recommend Mario as a consultant and mentor for any food business that is in a growth phase."

Mikael Andersen

Founder, Gazzo Pizza
Restaurant Entrepreneur and consultant

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"I have rarely come across someone with Mario's range of people and analytical skills and such a positive personality. Mario is the THE cultural ambassador of Vapiano, in my view, transporting the spirit, energy and unique appeal of the company's consumer offering into every commercially meaningful corner of the world. He combines his way of managing for growth with analytical discipline, loyalty as a colleague and a desire for continuous learning. During my 5 years as chairman of the Vapiano Group I thoroughly enjoyed working with, and relying on, Mario."

Stephan Howaldt

Chief Investment Officer, Howaldt & Co.