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Unlocking Success: Entrepreneurial Insights for Overcoming Roadblocks and Embracing Uncertainty.

In the ever-evolving world of entrepreneurship, one thing remains constant: the journey is filled with challenges and moments of doubt. Mario C. Bauer and Florian Schneider, our hosts and seasoned entrepreneurs themselves, have embarked on a mission to explore this very aspect of entrepreneurial life with our podcast, "From Doubt to Drive – Entrepreneurs Only." This is not just a series of interviews but a deep dive into the psyche of entrepreneurs, uncovering how they transform their fears and uncertainties into the very fuel that drives their success.

We have distilled the collective wisdom of our guests into seven key takeaways, anchoring our podcast's central message "From Doubt to Drive." 

We have carefully listened and selected the unfiltered and authentic learnings, offering you invaluable perspectives on the strategies, shifts in mindset, and pivotal moments that propel doubt into drive.

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1. Be resilient, persistent, and focused.

It became quite fast obvious to us that resilience, persistence, and focus are indispensable traits to overcome crises. Henry McGovern emphasized this: "Try again. Most successful entrepreneurs failed in their first project." His philosophy of never accepting "NO" as an answer and his believe that "Anything is possible" ("Wszystko jest możliwe") encapsulates a fearless approach to pursuing goals, especially in crises.

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Clive Schlee, advises entrepreneurs to "play to your strengths and not focus on covering up your weaknesses." This perspective encourages leveraging your inherent capabilities rather than fixating on flaws, which can derail focus.

Michael Durach stresses the importance of dedication, remarking, "It needs full dedication to build a successful company. Company First. Family always second." His words underscore the level of commitment required to nurture a thriving enterprise, even at personal sacrifices. Julian Metcalfe offers a straightforward approach to dealing with uncertainty: "In doubt, focus on the job. Don’t get distracted." This advice is crucial for maintaining momentum and ensuring that temporary setbacks do not discourage long-term goals.

The essence of resilience is captured by Gamze Cizrelli with, "Build resilience". This simple yet powerful statement reflects the necessity of enduring and bouncing back from challenges that inevitably arise in entrepreneurial ventures.

John Eckbert delves into the psychological aspect of entrepreneurship, stating, "Faith is the flipside of doubt.“ His insight illuminates the balance between skepticism and belief that entrepreneurs must navigate. Additional perspectives enrich this theme as Rainer Becker acknowledges the role of fear and adrenaline, noting, "Natural fear of failure drives every entrepreneur," and "Adrenaline keeps you going." This recognition of emotional drivers helps entrepreneurs harness their inherent responses to fuel their journey.

Mette Lykke reinforces the value of perseverance with actionable advice: "Suck it up & make it work," "Roll up your sleeves & dive into the problem," and "Make a plan & stick with it, no matter what." Her words advocate for a proactive and unwavering approach to overcoming obstacles. Tom Barton provides a different take on discipline, asserting, "Discipline is kindness to yourself."

2. Act fast. Lead strong.

We have learned about the importance of quick action and decisive leadership in crisis, where especially Clive Schlee advocates for creating momentum through action, advising, "You need to Act. You just gotta do something." John Eckbert adds to this and urges entrepreneurs to "Fast Track Ideas", warning that "So many ideas fail on the whiteboard." Both advice stress the importance of execution over mere planning, encouraging entrepreneurs to follow through on their ideas and act.

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Michael Durach believes in intuition and speed in decision-making, stating, "Trust your gut. Take fast decisions." He also provides a practical approach to risk assessment: "Ask yourself: Is it killing me or just hurting me? Consult with people to prevent you from being killed. You have the responsibility not to create chaos." Gamze Cizrelli also suggests taking "manageable risks," and therefore a balanced approach to decision-making that involves bold moves without reckless abandon.

Rainer Becker offers additional straightforward advice, "Don’t overthink," highlighting the dangers of paralysis by analysis in fast-paced entrepreneurial environments. Henry McGovern emphasizes the importance of proactive leadership with, "Get your head in. And lead." This call to action underlines the necessity of taking charge and guiding teams through challenges. Tom Barton notes that "Confidence breeds confidence," illustrating how decisive leadership can inspire and motivate teams, fostering a culture of confidence and action when it is most needed.

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3. Stick with your values. Become your true self.

The importance of authenticity and adhering to core values is crucial in crises. Michael Durach advises entrepreneurs to "Be yourself. Don’t mimic somebody else." This emphasizes the importance of authenticity and staying true to one's unique identity rather than imitating others. John Eckbert stresses the importance of authenticity "Under pressure, you need to become your most authentic self."

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Mette Lykke reinforces the importance of values, especially during tough times, stating, "Stick with your values, especially in crises." This principle ensures that entrepreneurs remain grounded and consistent in their actions and decisions. Kathy Johnston agrees with the need for passion and alignment with personal values, urging, "Make sure you do what you’re passionate about. Follow your values."

Clive Schlee adds to this by encouraging entrepreneurs to "Show Passion & Conviction," highlighting the impact of genuine enthusiasm and commitment. Gamze Cizrelli shares her believe in the power of passion, stating, "You need strong passion & sparkling eyes to make your dreams come through." This underscores the motivational force of genuine passion.

Mette Lykke also advises regular self-assessment, asking, "Is the passion still there? Do you still believe in it?" This reflective practice helps entrepreneurs remain committed and enthusiastic about their ventures.

4. It’s all about the people.

We have learned about the pivotal role that relationships and people play in the entrepreneurial journey from doubt to drive. Michael Durach advises, "Strengthen the right partnerships and get out of the wrong ones. Give your trust first, and you will get it back."

Tom Barton offers practical advice on choosing business partners: "Find yourself a good partner, but don’t take your best friend." Kathy Johnston stresses that effective communication is essential for fostering strong, collaborative relationships in difficult situations, "Be proactive and talk to your shareholders and teams."

Rainer Becker emphasizes cultural understanding, stating, "Understand the culture. Don’t try to change it, make the best out of it for you." This advice underscores the importance of adapting to and leveraging existing cultural frameworks rather than imposing changes.


John Eckbert believes that fundamentally, "It’s all about the people. It’s always human." He emphasizes on the value of recognition and the human element in business success, "Reflect all the glory to the Grill. Give the credit to the people who deserve it." John also touches the deep-seated human need for connection and its relevance to building strong, successful businesses, "Our purpose as human beings is connection. We exist to connect."

5. Learn, Adopt & Innovate.

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We have extracted that the willingness to listen & learn, adapt, and innovate is essential in crises. Especially Julian Metcalfe offered practical advice, urging entrepreneurs to "Do your homework," and emphasizing that "From trial and error comes great glory." He also stresses the importance of data and customer feedback, advising, "Listen to data and your customers."

John Eckbert emphasizes this importance of listening, stating, "Listen well. Connect with your guests." Effective communication and feedback are crucial for continuous improvement and innovation. Henry McGovern suggests leveraging networks in times of crisis, advising, "In a crisis, call everyone you know for advice." This highlights the value of collective wisdom and diverse perspectives in navigating challenges.

Tom Barton reflects on the role of mistakes in learning, noting, "Mistakes shape you in life. It’s only a mistake if you make it twice." Michael Durach adds to this "Don’t make the same mistake again. Learn from the former generation."

Gamze Cizrelli encourages entrepreneurs to "Embrace Uncertainty. It is an opportunity to grow." This advice offers a different perspective to deal with uncertain situations on your journey from Doubt to Drive.

6. Take care of yourself

Self-care and looking after one's well-being is essential, especially in difficult situations. Tom Barton captures the essence of this learning for him with, "Look after yourself and you will be better in anything."

Kathy Johnston provides a series of practical tips for self-care. She advocates for patience, advising, "More patience brings you to better places. Take 24 hours to think about it." This approach allows for thoughtful decision-making and reduced impulsivity. She underscores also the fundamental importance of rest: "Sleep well." Kathy also suggests having a plan for difficult times, recommending entrepreneurs to "Have an SOP for crappy moments.“ This strategy ensures resilience during tough periods. Recognizing the value of professional support, Kathy advises finding a "work therapist," to get emotional support on our entrepreneurial journey.

Gamze Cizrelli recommends to "Make your personal 'SWOT' analyses." This self-reflective tool helps you to understand your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats and will lead to resilience and regaining drive.


Mette Lykke offers a perspective on fear, asking, "What’s the worst thing that can happen?" This question encourages entrepreneurs to confront their fears and put challenges into perspective.

7. Believe in you. Stay positive. And Kill your Ego.


Our interviews have consistently emphasized the importance of self-belief, maintaining a positive outlook, and managing one's ego to turn around difficult situation back into success. Henry McGovern inspires confidence with his simple yet powerful advice: "Believe in you because the ‘Good Guys gotta win’." This mantra underscores the importance of self-belief and integrity in the pursuit of success. Gamze Cizrelli offers another resilience strategy, advising, "If you fail, take your jackets, and move on," and, "Never lose your hope." They both emphasize the importance of perseverance and maintaining hope even or especially in the face of setbacks.

Clive Schlee encourages self-reflection and striving for personal excellence, asking, "What would the best version of yourself do now?" This question prompts entrepreneurs to align their actions with their highest potential. His partner at ITSU Julian Metcalfe highlights the ever-present nature of opportunities, reminding us that "Opportunity for success is always around the corner." And therefore, fostering a positive and hopeful mindset which is crucial for navigating entrepreneurial challenges.

Rainer Becker provides at the end a balanced view of business life’s ups and downs, stating, "After bad things, good things happen." He also emphasizes the importance of humility and open-mindedness, advising, "Open your mind. Kill your ego. You cannot start a successful business with an ego."


The seven distilled learnings are a roadmap for anyone looking to turn their entrepreneurial challenges into Drive. They are a testament to the resilience and ingenuity of entrepreneurs.

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"From Doubt to Drive – Entrepreneurs Only" is more than a podcast; it's a movement. It invites our community to walk through the shadows of an entrepreneur’s path, where doubt often overshadows potential. The podcast addresses the concept of 'Schwellenangst,' a German term describing the fear of crossing thresholds and borders. This is a fitting metaphor for the entrepreneurial journey, where each step beyond the comfort zone is a victory over inner fears.

Tune in to the next episodes, deep dive into some of your favorites and relisten, share our podcast and most importantly embrace the journey you are on and discover how you too can move from doubt to drive.

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